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Frank's Rubik's Cube Alg List

Below is a list of algorithms I use to solve the Rubik's Cube. I'm adding each on as I learn them. The list may resemble a classic 4-Look CFOP since it's supposed to be. But of course it's filtered through my brain, so this is what you get. For the real deal visit the source of the actual algorithms, Andy Klise's Rubik's Cube Guides website.

Cubing Resources That I Have Used

OLL Algorithms

OLL 01

OLL01 Diagram


OLL 02

OLL02 Diagram


OLL 20

OLL20 Diagram

MU(RUR'U')M2U (RU')r

OLL 21

OLL21 Diagram


OLL 22

OLL22 Diagram


OLL 23

OLL23 Diagram


OLL 24

OLL24 Diagram


OLL 25

OLL25 Diagram


OLL 26

OLL26 Diagram


OLL 27

OLL27 Diagram


OLL 28

OLL 28 Diagram

(MUM')U2 (MU M')

OLL 33

OLL 33 Diagram

OLL 37

OLL 37 Diagram

OLL 44

OLL44 Diagram

OLL 45

OLL45 Diagram

PLL Algorithms

A perm a

A perm a Diagram

X (R' U R') D2 (R U' R')(D2 R2)

A perm b

A perm b Diagram

X (R2 D2)(R U R') D2 (R U' R)

E perm

E perm Diagram

H perm

H perm Diagram

(M2 U' M2) U2 (M2 U' M2)

R perm a

R perm a Diagram

(L U2)(L' U2)(L F')(L' U' L U)(L F L2 U)

R perm b

R perm b Diagram

(R' U2)(R U2)(R' F)(R U R' U')(R' F' R2 U')

T perm

T perm Diagram

(R U R' U')(R' F)(R2 U')(R' U' R U) R' F'

U perm a

U perm a Diagram

R2 U' (F B') R2 (F' B) U' R2

U perm b

U perm b Diagram

R2 U (F B') R2 (F' B) U R2

V perm

V perm Diagram

(R' U R' U') Y (R' F')(R2 U')(R' U R' (FR F)

Y perm

Y perm Diagram